Only CDCNews Can Give You 2-6 Weeks
Lead Time on Bid Dates

Don't be left scrambling to submit a bid ever again

CDCNews' public project listings are delivered to you fast, and because these leads are verified by the source through human contact, they're highly accurate. That's why with CDCNews, you'll get 2-6 weeks lead time on bidding information.

You'll also get to enjoy these other benefits:

Access to 40% more private negotiated work opportunities.
Project reports verified directly by the source giving you highly accurate information.

Detailed project information including pre-bid meeting dates, bidder's lists, plan holder's lists, plans, specs & addenda, key contact much more!

Dedicated Customer Support Representatives whom will work one-on-one with you to ensure you don't miss any opportunities.
A direct line to your local CDCNews project reasearcher and reporter for personal, one-on-one project assistance.
Access anyone in our organization at any time without jumping through phone mazes; including CDCNews CEO, L. William Black.  In fact, CDCNews customers get his phone, e-mail and mobile phone numbers.


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